Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day Ten: Perhaps I Was Too Hasty...

Hello Crackheads!

On the phone again. Actually at the airport to come home. Josh is checked back in, although he's less enthusiastic than on the way out. See, the underwear he's wrapped in was clean when we flew out.

Serves him right, though. The last thing I heard from the little gangbanger was "buttcrack is wack!" That sort of thing can't go unpunished.

I'm thinking I shouldn't have tweaked the beard of the person claiming to be Josh's dad. See, I'm skeptical, but suddenly the weather sucks here. I figure either I'll be stuck here overnight, or the plane will crash and they'll find my pristine luggage miraculously sitting on top of the giant twisted pile of smoking metal. I should have put Sir Bless-A-Lot in my shirt pocket.

Which reminds me. Josh is becoming socially aware. (That's another change, Catholics.) He thinks the title of this blog is racist. He says he'd rather be called a wafer.

I'm not changing the name, but let me straighten this out: this blog is not about protecting white people's rights (including the right to a persecution complex). While sucking the arrogance out of Bill Donohue can only be good, that's not my goal. Sometimes a cracker is just a cracker. If you have a different goal, please visit the
official GOP website.

Okay, off to go look miserable at the gate. Wish us luck!

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