Saturday, July 19, 2008

Day Six: Getting Upstaged

So Josh and I are having a layover on our flight. At least, I hope Josh is too. He was being a little bitch this morning, so I checked him. (He threatened to grow wroth, but I told him if he behaved himself, we might go see Mamma Mia this weekend. Josh is becoming quite the metro-savior.)

But I'm surfing the net to kill time, and I come across this video of a guy liberating a Eucharist from a Catholic church. Where have I seen that before?

He's kidnapping it for AIDS in Africa, though. A worthy cause, and I like his style of storing his cracker in a condom. But jeez... I guess my mistake is not doing this on video. Print is truly dead. Be looking for my direct-to-YouTube movie The Cracker of the Christ.

Before I could work up any righteous anger about this, I found another video of a man electrocuting a pickle to demonstrate the power of Christianity, and life was all good again.

No word yet from the Catholics, but with all this competition, I guess it's no surprise they are taking awhile to get to me. Take your time, Catholics! It's not like I'm running out of demands, and Josh hasn't even begun to grow mold yet.

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