Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day Three-point-Five: Proof of Life

Here you go, Marys! It's Josh!


Isn't he adorable? He looks like the offspring of Edgar Winter and a 7-Up Dot.

(That's not another damn sin, is it? Comparing a "Host" to Edgar Winter? Edgar's a Scientologist, y'know...)

You know the stakes. To the Gay Pride Parade with you! (And also with you!)


The skepTick said...

You should make him watch the Passion of the Christ...over and over and over again. Ask him if he remembers those days-and whether there's someone he'd like to call to help you meet your demands.

The skepTick said...

Oh...and don't forget to show him the hole punch. Waferz hatez teh hole punch!

Jackie said...

What's with the paper thing twisted around Josh? Didn't want to let him lie around naked?

Shygetz said...

It looks like his blindfold...and this is awesome! Make sure you get the ransom in small bills.

CrackerBandit said...

It is indeed his blindfold. I suppose I should make a little loincloth for him too -- and I would have if he wasn't just a piece of neck.

Plus, it's not much of a kidnapping if there isn't a little humiliation involved. I've been waving Josh in front of my dog from time to time, both to intimidate Josh and show the dog that there is some life form out there whose butt he can probably beat. So far, that idiot dog has been run off by things as small as a firefly.

the mad LOLscientist said...

Now don't be too rough on Josh. I mean, what did he (or was it "He"?) ever do to you? Surely you can fake the scary stuff well enough to make a few grainy videos and scare the bejeebus out of the Godfathers!