Monday, July 28, 2008

Day 15: Josh Tweets!


With the death of PZ's cracker and the sushi-laden philosophical conversation afterwards ("But if you are all part of the same person, no one is really dead. At the worst, you have a numb spot, and you have a good track record with leprosy..."), Josh is feeling a little disconnected. I can certainly understand that.

At least I talked him out of the black armband. Josh forgets that he's a limbless wafer about the size of a Susan B. Anthony dollar. It would have to be a black belt. It would look more like he was a martial arts master than someone crippled by grief.

(Sorry, Josh. I didn't mean Susan B. Anthony. I meant "the bitch that started all the trouble." Josh here isn't a fan of women's suffrage. I think it's how he was raised.)

So while we're waiting for the Catholics to knock it off with the pride and arrogance, I've set Josh up so he can interact with his followers, well-wishers, and whomever else.

To check Josh's wisdom nuggets, register at, and start following JoshChrist. He wants to be inspired by you people, and with luck will do some inspiring of his own.

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